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Australia’s Most Iconic showgirl competition

Miss Nude Australia is the most recognised and prestigious competition of Showgirls in Australia with heats held in every state and finals being held for three nights in Adelaide at the Crazy Horse Revue.

It’s not a pole dancing competition. Its main focus is the art of striptease.  

The very first talented batch of contestants competed to represent Miss Nude Australia in 1991. It was held at Crystal T’s nightclub in Sydney where the first winner was Adelaide’s own Michelle Lane. 

The winner and first runner-up from every state travel to Adelaide’s gentlemen club – Crazy Horse Revue to participate in the world-class Miss Nude Australia competition. 

Miss Nude Australia, limited to one club per state denotes elegance, class and theatrical performance. 

The winner is chosen after being judged on the basis of the smile, hair, shape, beauty, personality, charm and grace.  In short, the woman who is a complete package is chosen as Miss Nude Australia. 

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Where and when is Miss Nude Australia?

Miss Nude Australia is held yearly at the iconic Crazy Horse located at 143 Hindely Street in Adelaide.

Who can compete in the Miss Nude Australia competition?

A: The Miss Nude Australia is an invitational pageant series, which means it is not open to the general public. You must be a state winner or 1st runner-up from an Australian venue that currently holds this yearly event.

How big is the stage? Do the polls spin or are they static?

The Crazy Horse has 5 spinning poles which are thin. It has a shower with a roof water ring and water ring on the bottom.

Stage Width: 7 meters
Length- (Top Part ) 7 meters
Catwalk Length: 7 meters
Shower Width 2.7 meters
Floor To Ceiling / For Arial 4 meters

What's expected of me as a performer over the 3 nights?

You are required to be at the venue for rehearsal and the full duration of the event until all 3 nights are complete and scores are finalised!

Are they Any special rules I should know or remember?

Yes – At no point in the pageant are you to approach or speak to any of the judging panels. This is a absolute no and if done you may be disqualified from the pageant.

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